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Impact Foundation, the banner under which the Campus Ministry runs, is an offshoot of the Youth Ministry of the ACA Church, Avadi.

In the year 1998, under the leadership of Michael Thomasraj (the 2nd son of Ps. Thomasraj) a special prayer meet titled “VICTORY” was organised by the Youth of the church for students appearing for their Annual Government Board Exams. The meeting was arranged in a rented marriage hall. Lot of doubts and fear was in the air regarding how many would turn up for the meeting with the minimal advertisement. But to the amazement of everyone around 600 students turned up for the first meeting. The seeds for a more massive work among students was sown in that humble beginning.

Gabriel Thomasraj (the eldest son of Ps. Thomasraj) had just returned from Bible College to eventually join his father for full time service in the church. This was mid-1998.

He was invited to temporarily replace the Scripture Class Teacher in the school he once studied (Nazareth Matriculation School in Avadi), since the lady had gone on a Maternity Leave.

After finishing the first class, the Lord impressed a great vision to reach out to the school children in a bigger scale. The rest is history.

What started as 30 students who attended his first class began to flourish and expand to other schools and the organization IMPACT FOUNDATION was born.

Today he visits several school campuses every day and addresses to around 10,000 students per week on a regular basis through his DESTINATION:EXCELLENCE program.

Previously, schools had one class hour per week for Moral Education which looked like another academic grind. The monotonous teaching and outdated Syllabus left students totally uninterested and thus, ineffective. Christian Schools had separate Scripture classes for Christian students.

But the D.E. Program changed all this! Now, every student in the school is brought under this program irrespective of the religion they hold. The focus is: ‘Be Your Best’ with a sublime yet inoffensive Biblical teaching.

Meanwhile the VICTORY meeting saw great growth too. From 600 students who attended the first meet in 1998, the growth became steady and phenomenal to a record attendance of around 5000 students from 120 institutions in 2007. The STUDENTS HOUR weekly TV program is for aired students on Angel TV network, one of India’s fastest growing Christian Television Channel through this ministry. Bro. Gabriel Thomasraj, who speaks in this weekly half-hour program captivates his audience with his calm demeanor and contemporary style in simple English. This program is widely watched and well-received among Young people. This program deals with issues students face today and answers life’s tough questions in a practical, no-nonsense manner.

Over the past several years, Bro. Gabriel Thomasraj has authored several books both for students, teachers and parents alike, which have been widely sold and read.

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Service Timings

Sunday Services: 5am, 8.30am, 6.30pm
Youth Services: 11am (2nd & 4th Sun)
Family Revival Meeting: 06 pm (1st Sun)
Bible Study: Thurs @ 6.30pm
Sisters Prayer: Wed @ 10am
Fasting Prayer: 10am (Tues, Fri, Sat)
Youth Revival Meet: 6pm (2nd Sat)
Student Meeting: Sat 6pm - 7pm