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Pas. Thomasraj

Pastor A.Thomasraj was born in June 28, 1945 in Nalumavadi, Tirunelveli District in Tamilnadu.

At the age of 13, he dropped out of school and ran away from home, unwilling to endure the strict discipline of his mother. He landed in Avadi as a coolie in a small provision store. Later, he moved to Bombay in search of better work and got into the company of bad friends and became an addict to various sinful habits, especially, smoking.

Meanwhile, his family lost all wealth and fortunes to their father's drinking habit and eventually left for Chennai to seek a new life.

Having lost his peace and hope, at the age of 21, he came to Chennai to see his mother for the last time and planned to commit suicide by falling before a running train. As he was counting the hours for his end, he had a chance to meet with his brother's friend Govindasamy (a Hindu convert) who compelled him to come to a Christian meeting. After much arguing, he finally obliged. That evening the Lord touched his life, delivered him from his sinful life and his suicidal thoughts.

While he was the only breadwinner, his family of 3 sisters and an aging mother, in the midst of dire poverty and hunger, the Lord called him for full time service. He was trained for ministry by pastor and mentor, (Late) Pastor. G. Sundaram, the Founder of Apostolic Christian Assembly, for 7 years. Pastor G. Sundaram inspired him to live a life of simplicity, integrity and commitment to God in the face of trials in ministry. After his marriage to Suganthi Deva Kirubai, he was deputed to take over the ministry in Avadi, the same place he worked as a coolie, pulling rice carts.

Over the years, the Lord has used him to raise, lead and influence hundreds of pastors, leaders and thousands of believers both in his home church and in fields throughout the world. His life story, how God raised him from very humble beginnings and his passion for ministry have inspired thousands.

He is a renowned preacher and often challenges pastors, leaders and believers towards holiness, prayer, evangelism, church growth and faithful ministry. His teachings have reached millions through audio visual and print media.

Their five children are married and serve the Lord in various capacities.

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