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By the abundant grace of our Lord, we have Sunday School ministry for kids in our church functioning fruitfully for more than three decades.

Started with just a handful of students, today this ministry serves the spiritual needs of more than 300 kids every week.Presently the Sunday school classes is conducted during the 2nd service, during the sermon (9 am – 10:30 am). The venue of the Sunday School is the Impact Hope Center Auditorium and conference hall both of which are fully air-conditioned.

A vibrant singing session with contemporary live music, a high quality sound system, with video projection system managed and presented by the youth team of the church is thoroughly enjoyed by the kids.

With a team of around 25 dedicated staff, classes are held for children of ages 4-16 divided into sections ranging from Pre-Beginners to Super-Seniors. Classes are conducted in both Tamil and English in conjunction with the medium of instruction children study in school.

Besides the weekly classes, tests and competitions are periodically conducted to increase and update the Biblical knowledge of students. During the first Sundays of every month common classes are conducted in which new songs are introduced, indoor games, video presentations etc are organized for the benefit of the kids. On the second Sundays of every month, the staff gather for a time of prayer and intercession for the children, after which planning for the activities of the month are discussed and planned.

A one day retreat for the children called “Kidswood” is conducted once a year. The talented and vibrant youth team of the church involve themselves wholly in ministering to the kids with their gifts and talents. During the summer vacations, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is conducted for a period of 7 days. Many non-Christian children attend this special program. Every year, many children are born again, baptized with the gift of the Holy Spirit and start renewed lives.

Being the last days when the coming of the Lord is drawing near, the enemy is busy attracting the kids through his many viles and pleasures. We pray that God will continue to shower His grace so that we will effectively lead these young lives to the Lord’s Kingdom.